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A condomWhat are condoms?

Condoms are an effective barrier method that protect against STD/STIs. They are available over the counter at drug stores and some grocery stores. Some health departments have free condoms.

Top Ten Reasons to Use a Condom (EVERY time)

10. Condoms give you control over your body and can help protect your health.
9. You don’t need a prescription to buy condoms.
8. Condoms don’t cost a lot of money and are free at some clinics and health departments.
7. Condoms are easy to find in supermarkets, drug stores, and convenience stores.
6. You don’t need your parents’ permission to buy condoms.
5. Using condoms can help a male partner last longer before ejaculating (coming).
4. Men and women can buy and use condoms whenever they need them.
3. Using condoms helps prevent unplanned pregnancy.
2. Using condoms helps prevent the spread of most STIs from one partner to another.

…and the NUMBER ONE reason for using a condom is:

1. Using condoms shows you care about your sexual health and your partner.

Male vs Female Condoms

How do male and female condoms compare? How effective are they? What about the cost? What are the pros and cons? Learn more with ASHA’s handy comparison chart.

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How to Use a Condom Correctly

Condom DOs and DON’Ts

Other Barrier Methods:

Dental dams are another effective barrier that protects against STDs/STIs. Dental dams can be used during oral sex (cunnilingus and anilingus).

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