Stage 4: Late stage

If not treated, the bacteria attack other parts of the body. It can attack the brain, heart, eyes, bones, liver, blood vessels, nerves, and joints. Blindness and brain damage can happen.

Stage 3: Latent stage

If a person doesn’t get treated, the infection will stay in his/her body, even though there are no symptoms. The infection is called “latent”. This “latent” stage can last up to 30 years.

Stage 2: Secondary stage

If the syphilis infection is not treated, the person may develop a rash. The rash looks like rough, red or reddish-brown spots that typically don’t itch, on the palms of hands and bottoms of feet. A person may have rashes on other parts of the body or may have other symptoms like fever, swollen glands, […]

Stage 1: Primary stage

Sores appear in the genital area (penis or vagina) or the mouth within ten days to 3 months after infection. The sores are usually firm, round, small, and painless. The sores should go away on their own, but bacteria stays in the body (without treatment).