Playing Sports

If someone gets hurt and starts bleeding when you are playing sports, stop the game. In organized sports, the player is not allowed to play until the bleeding stops and the cut is covered with a bandage. If there is blood on playing court, like a basketball court or wrestling mat, the team trainer will […]

Donated Blood

The blood supply in the United States is tested and all blood that may contain HIV or another disease is thrown away. So you can get a blood transfusion and not worry. Some people worry about getting infected by donating blood, but there has never been any risk of infection by donating. A sterile needle […]

HIV-Infected Mothers

A mother can transmit HIV to her baby, but she can lower the risk by taking medicine when she is pregnant. A mother with HIV should not breastfeed her baby. HIV can be passed through breast milk. Women now are offered HIV tests when they are pregnant. By knowing if they are infected with HIV, […]

Tattoos And Body Piercing

Some people are afraid that you can get HIV through body piercing or tattooing. You can ask a tattoo parlor to explain what they do to stop HIV from being passed from person to person. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that tattooing and piercing needles should be used once and thrown […]