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Each April ASHA recognizes STD Awareness Month. This year’s observation – like most things – is set against a backdrop where COVID-19 dominates our thoughts.

Spring has sprung but dating and sex aren’t quite the same when social distancing has us mentally calculating imaginary six foot barriers all around us! Read on for all we’ve put together for you this month including resources and some perspective about these very unique, confusing times.


Sex in the Time of COVID-19

At a time when people everywhere are confined to their homes due to COVID-19, looking for ways to stay entertained, the question is—can I still have sex? Is it safe? In short—yes, you can still have sex, but with precautions. Get the details here 

Lynn Barclay, ASHA’s president and CEO, offers some thoughts on sex, intimacy, and self-care in the era of COVID-19. Plus ideas if you’re looking for something to binge watch!

Talking about STIs and Sexual Health

Reduce Your Risk

Take Charge of Your Sexual Health


Join us for a discussion of Dr. Tang’s new book, It’s Not Hysteria Everything You Need to Know About Your Reproductive Health (but Were Never Told), and ask Dr. Tang your questions about reproductive health!