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Are you active on Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? In the blogosphere? Then you can be part of the movement to improve sexual health!

We hear it all the time – people today want to do something to create positive change in the world, but they’re unsure about how to get started. You have influence in the world around you, and you can use your social media presence to make a real difference.

Sexual health is at the center of a growing movement to make life better for people everywhere. For too long this has been a taboo topic. People were afraid to talk about sex and about sexual health. The ASHA Ambassador program is a positive way to change that.

What is an ASHA Ambassador?

ASHA ambassadors are people who are unafraid to speak sexual health.

Social media is everywhere, and it’s a powerful tool in the fight for improved sexual health. ASHA Ambassadors leverage social media and so get people talking about sexual health, to break the taboos. More openness and conversation impacts people’s lives!

Each ASHA Ambassador is part of a wider network of people, all with the goal to bring the topic of sexual health front and center.

Each month we create toolkits that you can share on social media. Ready to join?